DC300W AC100W

LiPo LiFe LiHV LiIon NiMH NiCd Pb


C6D mini

AC 6A 60W

LiPo LiFe LiHV

Lilon NiMH NiCd Pb



AC200W DC700W

LiPo LiFe Lilon LiHv H-Lilon

NiMH NiCd H-Lilon


8S Battery

Capacity Meter

Balance Discharger

Servo Tester



DC400W AC200W

NiCd   NiMH   LiPo

Lilon   LiFe LiHV   Lead-Acid



AC100-240V DC 9-28V

16A *2     200W*2

LiPo LiFe LiHV Lilon NiMH NiCd Pb



The remote control model car, referred to as RC (Car RC=Remote Control), is a smaller version of a variety of real racing, like the car really has a mechanical principle, structure and control of similar properties, and make super cars are strange enough the amazing speed!

Remote control model is considered to be "Hobby", rather than "Toys", because the remote control model requires the player to have certain knowledge and technology. Players can not only have fun in the control model, but also in the model constantly learning new knowledge, exercise thinking and practical ability.

Remote control model car can be divided into two categories according to the source of power. The first is the battery / electric motor driven "electric remote control model car (EP RC Car)", the second is the internal combustion engine as the power output of the oil remote control model car (GP RC Car)".

Remote control model car can be said to be the product of high technology, widely used a lot of advanced materials and technology, such as carbon fiber, titanium alloy, aviation aluminum, in the remote control vehicles are very common parts materials. Moreover, the latest electrical / electronic technology, digital technology are also used for the first time on the remote control car.


Unmanned aircraft referred to as "unmanned aerial vehicles", the English abbreviation for "UAV", is the use of radio remote control equipment and their own program control device to operate unmanned aircraft. From the technical point of view can be divided into: unmanned fixed wing aircraft, unmanned vertical landing gear [1], unmanned airship, unmanned helicopter, unmanned multi rotor aircraft, unmanned aircraft, etc..

UAV according to the application field, can be divided into military and civilian. The military, UAV reconnaissance drone and divided into. Civilian UAV, UAV + industry application, is really just need; application in aerial photography, agriculture, plant protection, micro self, express transportation, disaster relief, observation of wild animal infectious diseases, monitoring, mapping, news reports, power inspection, disaster relief, film shooting, romantic and so on in the field of manufacturing, greatly expand the use of the UAV itself, the developed countries are actively expanding the development and application of UAV technology industry.

In general, the UAV's power can be a battery, it can be gasoline, mainly to see its use!!!

Agricultural use (plant protection type of UAV, currently not widely used): battery based, do not rule out the gasoline powered

Aerial survey: gasoline powered by gasoline, because of high calorific value, can push the row faster. (Kunming Eagle UAV)

Military use: oil and gas mixed side by side!! Multipurpose power!